Posters for Bangladeshi farmers

Bangladesh is the most densely populated large country in the world - 140 million people in an area the size of England. With the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers flowing through it and forming huge deltas, much of it is underwater. Most of the country is below 15 meters above sea level.

Two of the biggest problems for farmers are flooding and salination of the soil. Floating gardens built on beds of water hyacinth looks like one adaptation with potential. TdH, working in the health sector wanted to encourage people to eat more vegetables. Farmers complained that flooding and poor soil quality made it difficult to grow vegetables around the house. One possible solution was to build gardens on clay platforms, like houses.


kitchen garden with platform bag garden uganda watch flyer 3 uganda watch flyer 4  fight malnutrition
Kitchen Garden
with platform
Bag garden
on platform
Liquid manure Natural pesticide Fight Malnutrition

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