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natural pesticide bengali

Every rickshaw in Bangladesh is painted with an image recalling a Bangladeshi or Indian movie. There are two types. One is an image of lovers from a romantic drama. The other is from an action movie, of men or women holding pistols, machine guns, and grenades.

Digital scanning and printing has meant that most rickshaws are now covered in reproductions. Only a dwindling number of artists remain. In the old market quarter of DhakarI tracked down R K Daks, a rickshaw painter in his seventies. He said he'd been in the business for 50 years, but work had reduced dramatically in the last 5 years. He doubted his son would be able to continue the family firm.

The idea here, was to use the Bollywood action idiom to create a poster showing how vegetables are weapons against disease. The slogan reads: Vegetables are power.