Remember the Veg

The old story about eating carrots helping you see in the dark isn't a myth. "Night blindness" is a common symptom of vitamin A deficiency and carrots contain vitamin A. Bleeding gums and loose teeth are symptoms of scurvy, or vitamin C deficiency. Orange fruits like pumpkin and oranges contain vitamin C.

In Bangladesh, nightblindness and scurvy are common even though vegetables are often available. One problem is that many of the staple vegetables are low in vitamin content. Remember the Veg shows that not all vegetables are equal. Vegetables with vitamin C show an icon of a healthy tooth, and those with vitamin A are associated with a picture of a torch. The colours of the cards relate to what type of vegetable they are - useful for crop rotation.

It's a memory game: on one side of the cards, there's just a picture of the vegetable; on the other are the icons and colours indicating the vitamin content and information for crop rotation. The aim is to guess which vegetables have which vitamins, and by turning over the cards, you find out if you're right.


red amaranthus Pumpkin
carrot yard long bean

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