Teaching Materials for Farmers

Simple techniques can dramatically improve the quality and quantity of crop yields, and the life of farmers in East Africa. These techniques are all:
  • Sustainable: they are free of cost, easy to learn, and do not damage the soil
  • Appropriate: they meet the needs of farmers - improving crop yields, and managing pests
Teaching materials help to make NGOs, and government extension programmes more effective. The use of posters to create awareness about HIV/Aids in Uganda has been widely praised. We wanted to do for agriculture what has already been done for HIV.

The first series of posters were produced to be:
  • Developed in a participatory process with trainers and farmers
  • Attractive and inspiring
  • Produced according to high-quality design and production values
  • Designed for low levels of literacy
  • Assist trainers in teaching
  • Support learners by providing a knowledge base
  • Distributed in coordination with both government and NGO programmes

Over 80,000 posters were printed in the first print run of April 2005. Another 50,000 were printed in two languages in the second print run in 2008. 30,000 were printed in 2009, and 25,000 in 2011.
I am now based in Uganda producing teaching materials on a range of topics, but focusing on agriculture.


  • Organisations distributing the first print run:
    Kulika, FarmTalk, ASPS, NEMA, Send a Cow, Caritas Uganda, JIDDECO,
    ACDI/ VOCA, Action Aid, NOGAMU & AHI.
  • Illustratiors Ben Tunstall of Toolkit and Baingana Andrew of Makerere University.
  • The project manager is Sam Rich. Please send your feedback to
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