Behaviour Change and Education Projects from Fourthway, a Nairobi-based consultancy led by Sam Rich

Livelihoods & Agriculture

How to pick arabica
Better coffee farming

Scientists say that coffee yields in Uganda are only a quarter of their potential. How can we communicate good practices to coffee farmers effectively?

Jinsi ya kutayarisha mbolea vunda/ mboji
Smallholder farming in Uganda

How can we give Ugandan farmers information they can use to improve their livelihoods?

Fight malnutrition with vegetables
Nutrition in Bangladesh

Each country has its own dominant art form, from graffiti covered matatus in Kenya, to heroic rickshaws in Bangladesh…

Dairy Cow Management
Dairy Farming in Rwanda

Rwanda’s Gir’inka project promises one cow for every poor family. How do we train hundreds of thousands of families in dairy cow management?

Bacterial Banana Wilt (BBW) control
Understanding banana diseases

The lack of genetic diversity make bananas prone to disease. Farmers need to understand how diseases spread, and how to stop them, fast.

Good Governance

Citizen's guide to the budget: County explainer
Understanding Liberia’s budget

The budget is the most important act any government delivers, but few people understand it. Can we explain fiscal policy to a wider audience?

UgandaWatch: Problem's Registering?
Reporting election abuses

Ugandan elections are not always free and fair. How can we allow citizens to report abuses in confidence, and verify that their reports are accurate?


Safari Trumps card game
Safari Trumps

“The Small Game about Big Game” has fun facts about the fastest, fattest and frightening-est animals you’ll see on safari.

Africa Trumps Logo
Africa Trumps

Africa Trumps has vital statistics and fascinating facts about each of the big continent’s 54 countries.


How corona spreads in slum areas: Where is Corona? In breath, On surfaces, In sneezes
How can we stop Corona?

How do you stop Corona in a slum? How do you social distance? Where do you wash your hands? And how do you reach Kenyan youth with key messages?

Coartem: new treatment for malaria
New malaria drugs

Malaria medication has changed little in a hundred years. When better drugs like Coartem are developed, how do we convert patients to them?

Writing & Research

Columbia University's Jeffrey Sachs and U2's Bono
Jeffrey Sachs and Bono’s masterplan for a Kenyan village

The Kenyan village of Sauri is a petri dish for Jeffrey Sachs’s Millennium Villages, an ambitious scheme to lift Africa out of poverty. Can he buy it a better future?


Real Undergound central section
What would a Real Underground map look like?

A victim of its own success, the Underground map is why people take the tube from Covent Garden to Leicester Square and think Westminster is north of Waterloo.

Ronald Ro Kerango's portrait was the cover of the 2014 diary
Uganda Arts Diary

While elongated silhouettes on batik are a permanent fixture of craft markets, there’s more innovative work to be found all over Kampala.